Share or requestIdentity, Score & Payability.

Kreditz is the person-to-person credit score.

Kreditz Kreditz

Transparency Made Easy

There is a need to know and ask for Identity, Score and
Payability during person-to-person transactions. Protect
yourself from fraud and idle buyers and sellers when for
e.g. selling your car, concert tickets or renting out your
apartment via online market places.



Verify your identity and/or receive identity verification



A realtime score between 0-10 that works internationally



Share and/or request ability to pay for a specific amount

Fun. Smart & Easy to use.

It takes less than 1 minute to
calculate your Score and Payability.
Kreditz is easy to understand and
use.....3, 2, 1 Go!

A simple way to track your finances A simple way to track your finances

This is how it works

Get your score in less then 1 minute.
Share it with anyone at any time without
revealing any sensitive information.


Connect your bank

Sign up and connect your main bank account.


Calculate your score

Your score is based on what you earn, spend and save.


Share your score

Share your score with anyone at any time.

Stay safe when buying or selling online

How do you know if your counterpart is serious and has the
funds to pay for whatever you may be selling or renting
out online? Send or request a Kreditz certificate to verify
your own or your counterparties Identity, Score and
Payability in person-to-person transactions to avoid fraud.

The Kreditz iPhone app allows you to track multiple personal budgets The Kreditz iPhone app allows you to track multiple personal budgets

Feel the power of the Kreditz certificate

The Kreditz certificate proves your Identity, Score and Payability. The certificate
is sealed and authenticated by a dynamic watermark. Only share or request
Kreditz certificates within your Kreditz account to be sure it is authentic.

Tracking your personal finances and creating budgets has never been simpler Tracking your personal finances and creating budgets has never been simpler


Kreditz is using the same security for identification as the worlds leading banks and financial institutions.

an iPhone app for checking my money and finances

What People are Saying

We think Kreditz is the greatest app ever. But don’t just take our word for it, read some feedback from our users.


Kreditz is amazing

Kreditz should be the go-to app for everyone in today’s marketplace and crowd economy.

Maria B. – Stockholm, Sweden

Great and very useful

I used Kreditz when I was selling my car online. I requested the Kreditz certificate from the buyers to make sure they had the amount I was asking for.

Lars J – Uppsala, Sweden

Awesome for landlords

I was going abroad to study and used Kreditz to screen tenants before renting out my apartment. I truly recommend it for everyone.

Jenni S. – Kotka, Finland

Know who you are dealing with

I found resell concert tickets online and wanted to make sure who the seller was to avoid counterfeit tickets. I detected a scam thanks to Kreditz

Olle W – Gothenburg, Sweden