Our mission statement
is simple.
One world. One score.

Why we started Kreditz?

Kreditz wants to help both consumers and businesses to make better and safer transactions. By using bank transaction data as a foundation, Kreditz help you as a consumer to confirm or request ability to pay during transactions with other consumers, while at the same time businesses can use Kreditz to offer you as a consumer better deals an terms when selling their products and services.

Kreditz believes in a borderless world with financial inclusion for everyone. That’s why we keep working toward the vision of creating a global credit score – One world. One score.

Staff members

Roni Zacharion

CEO & Founder

Arlen Rios

CTO & Co-founder

Magnus Källhager

CAO & Co-founder

Elias Abrahamsson

Chief Commercial Officer

Marcelo Bustos

Sales Manager

Lorenzo Nilson

Operations Manager

Anders Gustavsson

Frontend Developer

Johan Walberg

Backend Developer

Parang Laleh

Junior Developer

Bhavesh Kshatriya

Backend Developer

Yogesh Patidar

Backend Developer

Jayesh Dateer

Backend Developer

Shailendra Singh

Backend Developer

Sanjay Vishwakarma

IOS Developer

Board members

Anna Storåkers


Harald Kjessler

Board member

Tore Widding

Board member

Peter Sarkia

Board member

Anette Tånneryd

Board member

Magnus Källhager

Board member

Roni Zacharion

Board member


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