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Let consumers share their data
to you so you can make better decisions.

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Kreditz for business

Let your existing and new customers share their financial data to you so you can make faster and better decisions. Complement your own data, or traditional credit bureau data with bank transaction data through Kreditz products which are available by API and WEB.

Integrate Kreditz Business API directly into your client user-flow or application forms or use Kreditz Business WEB-portal in manual processes. Kreditz products are excellent for amongst others:

Banks and financial insitutions

Landlords and housing rental websites

Marketplaces (buy/sell/rent)

Insurance companies

Gambling companies

Recruiters and employers

Service companies

Some of our products

Income verfication

Verify the actual current income from the past 12 months

Asset certificate

Verify assets such as savings, mutual funds, stocks and pensions

Risk certificate

Verify high-risk financial behaviour to decrease defaults/frauds

KYC certificate

Get to know more about your client by understanding their financial history


Model development for credit scores based on bank transaction data

Some of our clients

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